Update on Shipping and Procurement service

  1. Cancellation of Normal Shipping to Ghana: Shipping from China to Ghana through Normal Shipping will no longer be possible.
  2. Shipping to other agents: It is now possible to use Chrisvicmall for your procurement while another agent handles the shipping for you.
  3. Picture Request: To minimize error, we now introduce the service of picture requests. You can request for a picture of your item(s) which we have received at the price of $1 per order id.
  4. Failure to pick your item within 7 days of its arrival will attract a demurrage of $1 per day. Please note that if you still fail to pick the parcel after a month, it will be disposed.
  5. Due to limit flight, Express shipping from China to Nigeria has temporarily been stopped to minimize delay and disappointment. It will be reopened when China/world situation improves.
  6. Our Kano office is now open. You can now ship from China to Kano and pick it at our Kano office.