Important Guidelines to follow when shipping Your Goods To Chrisvicmall China Office

If you are purchasing by yourself and wants Chrisvicmall to handle only the shipping for you, then this guideline/rules are for you. Please read it carefully and make sure that you abide/follow the instructions. The guideline/rules are:-

  1. What we receive from your supplier is what we will ship to you. It is your responsibility to confirm from your supplier what he/she is sending to us before they ship out.
  2. Sometimes there might be local shipping fee from your supplier's office to our office. It is your responsibility to make sure that your supplier pays the full payment to the shipping company before they ship the goods to us. In a situation whereby your supplier failed to pay the shipping fee, we have the right to reject accepting the products from the shipping company during delivery if the amount you have in your Chrisvicmall wallet is insufficient to cover the shipping fee.
  3. Make sure that you have given your supplier the exact address which you can find on "My China Address" which is within your "Account Profile" when you log into your Chrisvicmall account. That address is a unique address that belongs only to use.
  4. Before your supplier ship out the goods to us, please reconfirm the weight of the parcel, the number of items being sent, and also that your username is written on the package. Please note that sometimes your supplier's weight might be between 0.1kg to 2kg lower or higher due to the difference of scale measurement.
  5. After placing an order, if your supplier is yet to send out the goods, please copy the Chrisvicmall Reference ID for that particular item and ask the supplier to write it on the body of the parcel. It will help in identifying the goods quickly.
  6. It is your responsibility to keep in touch with the supplier from the time they confirm that the item has been shipped to us by the time we receive the goods. If you did not receive any update from us after three days, your supplier informed you of the shipping, please contact the supplier and ask for the tracking number of the shipping. Ask the supplier to tell you about the current location of the goods. If your supplier informs you that the products have reached our office, contact us immediately.
  7. Sometimes your supplier might not send the complete items you purchase. Please verify with your supplier before he/she ship the goods to us. If possible ask them to send a picture of the packet to you and cross check the weight of the item with them before they ship to us.
  8. Chrisvicmall cannot snap pictures of what we receive. Our job is to accept and ship your goods.
  9. When we confirmed that we had received your goods, please remember to place the order for shipment so that we will arrange for shipping immediately.
  10. Always confirm the weight of the item with the supplier before they ship out to us. Note that sometimes our given weight might be higher or lower with what your supplier provided to you. On most cases, the difference is between 0.1kg to 5kg higher or lower.