Change in service charge, order placement method, etc starting from 1st of September 2019

  • Order placement for items from will be changed. The new method of placement order for items from will enable you to know if an item is in stock or not before placing an order, know the domestic shipping fee from the supplier office to our office. It can also help you to monitor the order status in 1688 without contacting us for an update. Finally, it will enable you to monitor the location of the item from the time the seller shipped out the product to the time it reaches Chrisvicmall China office.
  • You can be able to transfer fund from your Chrisvicmall wallet to another user(a friend or relative) on Chrisvicmall.
  • The service charge will no longer be 5%. The new service charge will be 3%. If you are a regular shopper, consider using our monthly subscription.
  • You can be able to request for pictures of your item, ask for protective carton for your fragile item.

The above update will take effect starting from 1st of September 2019.